Meet & Eat – Chefs

Through Meet&Eat, we invite you to join our international community and allow us to familiarize the world with your best work.

The word ‘chef’ is the short form of the French expression ‘chef de cuisine’, meaning ‘chief of the kitchen’. Being a chef means your goals for your career will constantly change, that you’re constantly evolving and that there is always going to be competition.

Competition is constantly increasing. Barcelona’s dynamism, diverse cultural landscape and culinary scene leave no place for ordinariness. Furthermore, the consumer has higher requirements, is more knowledgeable, well-informed and detail oriented. In consequence, having a distinctive cuisine and swamping the market with various promotional materials isn’t viable anymore.

Marketing is becoming more focused on individuals, using a more personalized approach. Your sharp skills may be enough to lure your first set of customers but longevity is the only difference in this field. That is exactly what we are here for. Through our website, the team at Meet&Eat aims to provide you with maximum visibility, helping you further build your brand, thus leading to more recommendations and a better presence on the market.

Our website has been built around a set of values, many of those directed at the customer. Customer satisfaction is very important in this profession, as that is mainly what you are valued upon. Moreover, being a good chef involves much more than just cooking. It’s about creating a fitting environment, a suitable menu, the perfect setting for your creations and figuring out what your food looks and tastes like. Once that’s taken care of, you will look to find the best customer retention strategies, extend your reach, engage and attract with more people, amongst other things.

Meet&Eat wants to help you shape all that and much more.

For further information, please feel free to contact us at INFO@MEETEAT.ORG.