Thanks to the collaboration of @_destapate_ today we offer a very attractive cheesecake!!!

– 150g of biscuits
– 100g of butter
– 600g cream cheese
– 100g of cured cheese (or any other, the one you like the most)
– 400ml whipped cream
– 200g of sugar
– 5 eggs “L or XL” (if M, 6)

Mash the cookies and mix with the butter. Spread the mixture over the mold ( Eye, put baking paper to remove it easily) and press tightly to have a consistent base. Cool 30min in the refrigerator while preparing the rest. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. In a large bowl put the cream cheese, cured cheese, liquid cream and sugar and mix everything. 
Then add the eggs and continue mixing everything (with rods or mixer, which is easier/more comfortable). Pour the mixture on the base and bake at 175 degrees for 35-40 min (depending on each oven). We let it rest in the oven (off) a few minutes and then it continues to rest outside…. and voilà!!