Tlalpeño broth

This famous dish cannot be missing in the home of a Mexican, if you want to know more about the culture of Mexico, just know its recipes. The Tlalpeño soup has several stories about its origin, some say it was in the state of Veracruz thanks to Santa Anna, who was a politician and military man in the country, he also held the presidency several times. This broth has the power to restore the will to live after a great party in Mexico.


2 1/2 liters of unsalted chicken broth

2 Branches of epazote

1 branch of mint

2 cloves of garlic

3 Chipotle Peppers

2 Carrots, sliced

200g Green beans, chopped into chunks

Pepper (as much as you’d like)

1 cup of rice

Salt (As much as you’d like)

2 Pumpkin sliced

1 Cup of chickpeas or cooked corn

Oaxaca cheese, fresh or panela diced (as much as you’d like)

1 Avocado cut into slices or cubes (as much as you’d like)

Chopped cilantro (as much as you’d like)



Boil the chicken broth and add the epazote, mint, garlic and chipotle peppers to flavor a little, leave it like that for a few minutes.

Now you must put the pieces of carrot and green bean, as well as the cup of rice and pepper. Add salt, cover and cook until the rice is done.

Then add the pumpkins and chickpea or corn for a few more minutes, you measure.

At the end, just put the shredded chicken and cook a few more minutes, once you see that it is ready it is time to serve in deep bowls and put some cheese, avocado, cilantro and lemon on top.

It is important to keep in mind that depending on the region of the country, the recipe for certain dishes may change a bit, but they are all just as delicious!

It’s time to eat!