Poke bowl

The poke bowl is a dish from Hawaii, it’s perfect for the summer because it’s very fresh and healthy. Like numerous recipes it can be cooked in many different ways, here we are going to show you how do it with the original ingredients of the recipe.

For this poke bowl you will need:

  • red cabbage 
  • avocado
  • rice
  • salmon
  • mango
  • radish
  • sesame seed 
  • goji berry
  • soy sauce 
  • cucumber

If there is any ingredient you don’t like do not hesitate to remove it from the recipe or replace it with an equivalent.

Regarding the preparation:

In the first place cook the rice 

Then, cut the salmon, avocado and mango in cube shape 

Cut slice of cucumber. radish and red cabbage 

In a bowl,  place the rice and the avocado at the center and around put the salmon, mango, radish, cucumber and red cabbage 

Sprinkle with sesame seed, goji berries, lemon and soy sauce.

And now it’s ready! Enjoy your meal 🙂

Let us know in the comments what do you think of this recipe!

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