Homemade Nutella

Great alternative to classic Nutella, this spread delight your palate while being healthier and more respectful of the environment.

This spread is composed of:

  • 60g of milk chocolate 
  • 45g of hazelnut mash
  • 40g of icing sugar sieved 
  • 40g of sunflower oil
  • a teaspoon of milk powder sieved 
  • a small teaspoon of cocoa powder without sugar 

Regarding the preparation:

First, you have to melt in a bain-marie the milk chocolate with the hazelnut mash and the oil.

Then, incorporate the milk powder, the icing sugar and the cocoa powder, while mixing.

Pour the preparation in a pot of your choice, let it be tepid and then put it in the refrigerator during 2 hours. 

Preserve it at room temperature 

Now that is ready you can eat it with bread, crepes or in your desserts it’s like you want!

Enjoy your meal!