Américain préparé

The recipe of today comes from a Belgian brasserie: Les Trappistes, it’s an « américain préparé » which is among their most popular dishes.

For 1 person you will need a preparation with the following ingredients: 

  • a trickle of olive oil 
  • egg yolk
  • one teaspoon of caper
  • one teaspoon of shallot 
  • one teaspoon of parsley
  • half teaspoon of mustard 
  • 3 spurts of tabasco 
  • 5 spurts of Worcestershire sauce
  • a pinch of salt and pepper 

Mix all the ingredients 

Then you will have to grind 250 grams of flank steak and mix it to the preparation.

The dish must be served cold, ideally with salad and fries.

Enjoy your meal!

If you wish to taste the original recipe do not hesitate to go to the restaurant located chaussée de Gand 408, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

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