Fish & Chips

Learn how to make Fish and Chips, a British classic, at home!
Toff´s, a restaurant and take away tells us how to make their famous signature dish: Fish and chips:

We cut a fresh fillet of cod into 300 grams fillet after pin boning it.

We place it in a tray of rice flour to dry it and this gives it a course texture so that our batter mix can stick to the fish, it won’t if it’s wet.

Our special blended batter mix is made up of plain flour, baking powder, yeast raising agents, soya flour, that you mix it with chilled water. Blended until it’s a smooth consistent mixture.

You then dip the dried cod fillet into the cold batter mix and place it into a deep pan full of hot oil, we use refined groundnut oil (during the refining process the allergen is extracted). The oil temperature we fry in is at 185 C. The cold battered fish placed into a hot pan automatically seals the casing.

We leave the fish undisturbed to fry for 8 minutes and then you pick it out and scrape away any excess crackling (fried batter) to give it a smooth finish, the outer crispy batter acts as a casing so that the fish inside is poached.

The freshly chipped potatoes are rinsed in water to reduce the starch content (sugar) then these are then dried and deep fried in a pan of refined groundnut oil at a temperature of 180 c for 6 minutes, you know when they are ready as the will float to the top. 

We serve these two products on a plate with a little garnish fish and chips.

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Wanna stop by and taste fish and chips from the people who do it best? Here’s the contact information of the restaurant itself: 

Address:38 Muswell Hill Broadway, London N10 3RT
Phone: 020 8883 8656

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