Frozen yogurt

When it’s really warm outside, there’s nothing better than ice cream. Better said: Frozen yogurt! EisQueen from Berlin have shared their frozen yogurt ice cream and homemade strawberry sauce with us!


Frozen yogurt:
3000 g of yogurt
800 ml of milk
800 g of sugar
20 ml of lactic acid

Fruit topping:
2000 g fruits (for example strawberries, raspberries)
1000 g of sugar
100 g of glucose
lemon juice


Mix all 4 ingredients together and place it in the freezer.
To make the yogurt creamy, mix it every 15 minutes.
You can mix any toppings with the frozen yoghurt.
From frozen strawberries, blueberries to chocolate pieces or a homemade strawberry sauce.

In addition, there is also the ” healthy alternative”:
With granola and honey, the recipe can be made as a bowl.

The frozen yogurt can also be enjoyed as a popsicle, if the mixture is kept longer in the freezer.

Fruit topping
Boil the fruits, the sugar and the glucose and cook for about 15 minutes with constant stirring.
Stir in the lemon juice and then chill.

EisQueen has so much more to offer! Over 60 varieties, seasonally changing.

Since 2015, they have been producing premium ice cream and ice cream specialties for numerous ice cream parlors, hotels and restaurants in the Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony area.

Check out the website:

You would like to try the ice cream yourself or you want to organize it for your next event? Here are the contact details of the company:

Address: Schichauweg 52, 12307 Berlin
Telephone: +49 172 9651140

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