Crème brulée

To eat a Crème brulée is a unique experience between crunchy, smooth and tasty. Once you’ve tasting it you will adopt it for sure !


  • 5 egg yolks
  • 100g / 3.5 oz of sugar
  • 50cl / 17.5 fl oz of whipping creme
  • 1 vanilla bean


Pre-heat the oven to 160°C / 320°F.

Beat the egg yolks with the sugar until the mixture turns white.

Cut a vanilla bean lengthwise and scrape off the inside to collect the seeds. Place the seeds directly into the bowl and mix.

Add progressively the whipped creme and mix the mixture vigorously.

Pour the mixture into ramekins and place it into the oven for 1 hour. Let cool to room temperature and place the ramekins in the refrigerator for about 2 hours.

Finally, to caramelize the cream, sprinkle it with sugar and use a kitchen blowtorch.
If you don’t have a blowtorch, you can put the creams in the very hot oven for a few moments. If you choose this option, place the creams in the freezer 15-20 minutes before caramelizing them.

Enjoy !

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