Yogurt cake

Probably the easiest cake recipe ever. This is a french cake whose primary ingredient is yogurt.

This is probably the first cake I baked as a child with my mom, so for those who feel like cake but don’t want anything challenging or others who are looking to cook with young children this recipe is basically impossible to fail.

I am showing you the recipe I used to cook as a child. But for those looking to find new alternatives to the recipe you can add fruits in the batter.


  • 1 yogurt
  • 2 pots caster sugar
  • 1 packet of vanilla sugar
  • 3 pots flour
  • 1/2 pot olive oil
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 packet of baking powder
  • 1 pinch of salt


Pre-heat the oven to 375°F / 180°C.

In a large bowl pour one yogurt pot and keep the empty pot to use it for ingredients measures.

Then add 2 pots of caster sugar, then combine well. 3 pots of flour and combine. 1/2 pot of olive oil, combine. 3 eggs and combine. Finally add the baking powder and pinch of salt and combine again.

Taking a baking tin and spread butter all over the inside to grease it. (Taste even better if you use salted butter).

Pour the preparation in the baking tin and finally bake for 35 minutes.

You can serve the cake with some icing sugar on the top, melted chocolate, custard or some coulis.

Enjoy !

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