Party snack – drunk jellybeans


A lot of free time, beautiful wheater, holiday mood – summer is the best time to organize a party. If you like invaiting your friends this recipe it totally for you. Drunk jellybeans are hit on every party and ran out in few seconds. It is also a very good idea for this people who don’t really like the taste of alcohol but want to realx a litlle bit during the party.



  • jellybeans
  • vodka (or other alcohol e.g. champagne)



Put all jellybeans tight into a bowl. Add vodka (or other alcohol) to the bowl. The level of alcohol shoul be 2cm over jellybeans.

Put jellybeans to the fridge. It will took them about 2 days to drain the alcohol so remember to prepare drunk jellybeans in advance.

Protip: make a lot of jellybeans because this snack will suprice all of your friends. They alway run out in few minutes.

It is also possible to prepare drunk jelly deserts. You just have to order the recipe from the packet, but insted of water add half porion of vodka and then prepare everyting as in a recipe.

Watch out! Drunk jellybeans are very tasty and you don’t feel the flavour of alcohol but the can be really strong!

Enjoy! 😊

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