Homemade Iced Tea!

 Homemade Iced Tea!

You can follow the steps below for this amazing, delicious, easy making Iced Tea!

The ingredients you will need:

  • Tea bag – it can be your favorite flavor (herbal, fruit);
  • 3 slices of orange;
  • Grenadine or mango syrup;
  • Fresh rosmarine;
  • Ice cubes.


Pour hot water into a cocktail mixer along with the tea bag, and as it starts to relase the flavor you can remove the tea bag, put it in a glass  along with the slices of orange, and rosmarine.  Now you can add the ice cubes into the mixer  and mix it for twenty seconds until the tea becomes ice cold then pour it into the glass. The last but now least pour a little bit of the syrup of you choice.  And that’s it. ENJOY!!



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