Start your day with lemon water!

Do you know that your first drink when you wake up should be water with lemon?

Lemon water is nothing else than a clear water with a lemon juice. It’s full of vitamin C and flavonoids,which have strong antioxidant properties. You can serve it hot or cold – in both ways, your body will benefit from it!

Water with lemon helps in loosing weight.

Lemon water boosts metabolism and drinking it everyday in the morning may help you in getting rid of kilograms.

Lemon water can lower your blood pressure.

A glass water with lemon contains not only vitamin C and flavonoids, but also potassium. Potassium takes a important part in lowering blood pressure what leads to lower the probability of heart diseases.

It cleanses your skin.

wrinkles, or dry skin? Due to high level of vitamins lemon water cleans your skin from the inside and helps in regeneration of the skin.

Boosts the immune system.

It is a common knowledge that vitamin C helps in improving the immune system. Lemon water contains a high level of vitamin C and drinking it everyday will improve you immunity that you won’t be afraid of getting old during the winter.

If you wish you can add leaves of mint to your water for better taste. The healthy benefits will increase if you do it! Mint is good for skin condition, stomach and helps you deal with headaches and nausea.

Drink it every morning 🙂

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