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Visit the Oktoberfest!

The Oktoberfest is a big german festival. Every year more than 6 million visitors from around the world come to try the famous beer or some typical food. Aproximately 6 million litres of beer are served every year during this event.

When to go: 16/03/17 to 03/10/17

Where to go: Munich, a beautiful city in the heart of Germany, the country of beer.

What to drink: Probably the most important thing at the Oktoberfest is the beer, normaly served as a „Mass“, one litre of beer.  Since the 16th century there have been strong regulations about brewing beer – the Bavarian Purity Requirements. As a result the bavarian beer is the best beer in the world. It’s true, try it! And as well try different kinds and find out what’s your favourite!

What to eat: The bavarian cuisine includes many meat dishes such as „Weisswurst“ (a kind of sausage) with Pretzel or „Schweinshaxe“ (knuckle of pork) with Knoedel.

Weisswurst with Pretzel served on one of the biggest events in Germany, the Oktoberfest
Weisswurst with Pretzel

What else to do: When done with eating and drinking you can enjoy the attractions of the funfair.

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